Collected data and GDPR

As an adserver, we serve display-ads from our servers. When an ad is served to a internet-user, following data is collected:


Please note that adclouds is not an ad-network, demand side platform (dsp) or ad-inventory provider of any kind. 
Data stored and collected by adclouds is not:

  • used for ad-targeting
  • sold or shared to third-parties

Data stored and collected by adclouds is:

  • used for product development
  • used to improved user experience 
  • used for market segmentation

We use fullstory to record and reproduce user experiences within our app for better  support, product development and debugging.

We use intercom to track product usage data and for in-app communication.

We use usersnap to enable users to send us feedback with screenshots from our app.

If you have any questions about data we collect or would like to access data connected to you, please contact us at